About Bambougie

How We Keep Quality Affordable

Other bamboo bedding companies charge exorbitant prices because they have massive over head due to retail locations, bloated marketing budgets, and (frankly) greed. Our founders Bryan and Colin Aulds found a way to increase efficiency in the supply chain by eliminating middle-men, keeping marketing spends lean, and then passing on the savings to you. This allows all of our customers to enjoy a truly bougie night’s sleep at prices everyone can afford.


About the Sheets

Our Bamboo Bed Sheets are the softest, most durable, and most environmentally friendly sheets on the market today. We utilize a textile known as bamboo lyocell, which is the gold-standard of bamboo material when it comes to bed linens. It's a little more expensive, but the benefits over viscose (which nearly all of our competitors use - we are looking at you Cariloha) are almost unimaginable. If a bamboo sheet company claims to care about the environment but they aren't using lyocell, they aren't being serious. If you want to know more about our sheets and how they compare with other bamboo sheets on the market, check out our Ultimate Guide to Bamboo Sheets over on our blog.


Meet the Team

Bryan and Colin Aulds - Founders

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