Best Bamboo Mattresses 2019

The Definitive Guide

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about bamboo mattresses.


  • Why you need one
  • What to look for when buying
  • The best bamboo mattresses to buy in 2019

So if you are curious why everyone wants a bamboo mattress these days, read on!

What's Up With Bamboo?

You’re here because you want to purchase a high-quality bamboo mattress.

With all the options out there, you’re not sure which one will get you your dream sleep.

That’s where we come in.

If you’re looking for the best sleep of your life while staying on budget, look no further than the Night Therapy Memory Foam Mattress.

If budget isn’t as large of a concern, we’d recommend the Lucid Plush Bamboo Charcoal Bed.

Now that you have our expert recommendations, let’s jump right into why bamboo mattresses are the way to go.

So...Why Do I Need a Bamboo Mattress Again?

In this section, you’ll learn the essentials of what makes bamboo mattresses awesome!

Bamboo has many unique characteristics that separate it from other materials, making it ideal for mattresses. 

From the many health benefits of bamboo to its eco-friendliness, you'll rest easy knowing you bed is actually good for the planet.

Let’s get started.

Benefits of Bamboo

Bamboo mattresses are an excellent option compared to typical memory foam mattresses. In addition to being far more stylish, memory foam mattresses contain PVC and other chemicals that create their low-resilience.

One significant downside of owning a memory foam mattress is their tendency to sag from repetitive use over time. As a result of this, more substantial body types can sink further into their beds, leading to discomfort.

The aforementioned chemical application during foam mattress assembly can lead to gas and toxic odors leaking from the mattress. There’s a spectrum of memory foam mattresses, with lower-priced products tending to lead to increased consumer discomfort.

Bamboo mattresses provide consumers with a sleeping surface that mitigates some of the major concerns consumers voice when discussing the best mattress to purchase.

The foundation of a bamboo mattress is predicated on its assembly using natural grass bamboo to fill the mattresses' memory foam. Creators of a bamboo mattress place bamboo over ventilated gel memory foam to create a multi-layered, breathable sleeping surface.

Bamboo is known for being the following:
  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Anti-Microbial
  • Anti-Fungal
This is the kind of nasty stuff that grows on normal mattresses
Unlike a plain memory foam mattress, a bamboo mattress does not call for chemical treatment. Bamboo grows naturally at an accelerated rate which negates the need for increased human interference during assembly.

Since chemicals are not present during the assembly of bamboo mattresses, you can forget about the emittance of nasty chemical odors that may occur through owning a memory foam mattress.

With the healthy mixture of bamboo and memory foam, bamboo mattresses help provide those with neck and back pain relief in the body's pressure points. The combination of bamboo with memory foam supports the bed to adapt to the curves of your body, helping reduce the possibility of backache.

Pressure doesn't exist solely in specific spots on the body. Rather, bodies retain a more general sense of stress if a person is overly tired from being on their feet. The adaptability and contour of a bamboo mattress serves to relieve the general sense of tiredness a person can face through their occupation or general daily activities.
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Bamboo Mattress Characteristics


Breathability is a critical feature of owning a bamboo mattress. The fibers of bamboo leave room for airflow between mattress layers, leading to a cooler temperature on the sleep surface.

Say goodbye to waking up sweaty and uncomfortable due to your mattress material!

Struggle with allergies?

Choose bamboo.

Since the fibers of bamboo mattresses are automatically constructed, fewer chemicals saturate the material. The threads of a plain foam mattress could lead to nasal irritation if you were to breathe them directly in.

The gathering of dust and bed bugs are a real possibility when owning a mattress. These two factors are less likely to occur when owning a bamboo mattress as the infusion of both bamboo and foam creates resistance to dust and pesky bugs.


When choosing your bamboo mattress, select a frame based on your height and weight. Standard sized bamboo mattresses can accommodate single individuals, while couples should seek comfort in a queen or king-sized frame.

California king-sized mattresses can accommodate plus-sized users. More substantial bamboo mattresses are a solid bang for your buck and last 5+ years on average.

Aside from the memory foam base layer, purchasers of a bamboo mattress can select whether their sleeping surface contains:
  • Latex
  • Encased Coil
  • Charcoal
  • An extra memory foam layer
The layer is then fused with bamboo. Try having your design consist of multiple, natural layers that pose no health risk when breathing at night.

After choosing your material, test out the feel of your mattress from different angles. Trying out different bamboo mattresses will ensure adaptability to your body and sleeping style.

Lyocell vs. Rayon

Yarn material covers every inch of bamboo mattresses' outer layers. It's essential to distinguish both lyocell and rayon yarn material when selecting a bamboo mattress.

Bamboo that makes rayon is chemically processed. The use of chemicals in this assembly process may create a chemical odor that will fade over time.

Lyocell, due to a lack of chemical processing, does not hold an odor, therefore making it a more eco-friendly option.

Longevity & Cleanliness

Before pulling the trigger on purchasing a bamboo mattress, check the product's warranty to ensure you're ensured over a lengthy period. The manufacturer should list the warranty with more expensive models at having an 18-year average warranty.

Through examining the listed specifications of your ideal bamboo mattress, you'll be able to confirm that no harmful elements are present in your bed. These elements include:
  • Pesticides
  • Formaldehyde
  • Toxic chemicals
Watch out for these harmful elements:
  • Phthalates
  • Heavy metals
  • Flame retardants

Additional Comfort Tips

Shopping for a bamboo mattress with a high-density foam layer will provide optimal stability along with proper spinal support.

Motion isolation is an added benefit in any mattress. The purpose of a mattresses' motion isolation is to impede a person from waking up their partner if the person happens to roll around during sleep..

When browsing bamboo mattresses, the product specification description should educate you on whether or not the model offers motion isolation.

Now that you have an idea of what to look for in a bamboo mattress, let’s hop into some of the most popular options out there.

What Are the Best Bamboo Mattresses?

Let's be honest: this is what you really came here for.

You want to know which bamboo mattress to buy.

After all, you can't go out and try each and every one.

No problem; we've selected the best bamboo mattresses on the market based on a number of criteria.

Check it out!

Top Layer of Mattress

One of the mattresses' desirable features includes a highly breathable surface as a result of the product containing many open cells.

Low Odor

While this mattress uses bamboo rayon, odor-producing chemicals are not present during assembly. Green tea extract is used instead of chemicals that bars odors.

Longevity is an element that plays a factor in choosing a mattress. Natural castor oil is used in assembling The Night Therapy Mattress, which helps fight bacteria throughout your beds use.

Four layers of premium high-density foam in this mattress which allows for increased stability in keeping the beds original through repeated use.


If you're looking to achieve some relief in your body's main pressure points, look to the Night Therapy Mattress. The model serves to alleviate built-up pressure through a hybrid of polyester fabric and fiber padding.

Body temperature while sleeping is an essential piece in achieving quality rest. The previously mentioned combination of polyester fabric and fiber padding keeps your body temperature regulated appropriately. The benefits of well-regulated body temperature through polyester and fiber padding include:
  • Stoppage of breathing hot air
  • Opens nasal passages to fight snoring tendencies
This model is considered one of the best bamboo mattresses on the market. Let's explore why:

Compact Packaging

Lucid Plush Mattresses come assembled. Rolled up while packaged, the mattress simply unfolds for users. Having the mattress pre-rolled is especially convenient when it comes to moving the bed up your stairs or through a doorway.

Bang For Your Buck

Most mattresses are not especially cheap. While high markup is a factor in the mattress market, the Lucid Plush Mattress is sent directly to you from the manufacturer.

This direct exchange reduces markup costs since the middleman of a salesperson is cut out. Lastly, expect a 25-year warranty when purchasing this product from the manufacturer.

Exceptional Body Support

During manufacturing, a blending of latex in the structure of this mattress leads to less sinking in the bed's middle portion.

Latex is present since the material provides pushback from the base of the mattress. You won't have to worry about this model deforming over time as a typical foam mattress might.

Toxin Free

CertiPUR-US marks are present on the Lucid Plush Mattress' package, which indicates the product is free of chemicals. For those looking into a more eco-friendly mattress option—go Plush.

Positive Spinal Alignment & Body Support

Brentwood Mattresses provide exceptional spine alignment through their use of gel memory foam. With 2.5 inches of gel memory foam present in the mattresses' design, the fabric will have no problem adapting to your body's shape.

The base layer of this mattress provides excellent body support. The design draws on the weight of your body and localizes the mattress' movements solely to where you sleep.

As always, motion isolation is an essential factor for couples in selecting a mattress. Gel memory foam will help reduce motion transfer so your partner won't be disturbed through nighttime movement.

Fosters Deep Sleep

If you see yourself as someone who prefers to sleep on their back or side, then this is the mattress for you. The Brentwood variety of mattress is seen as somewhat, but not overly firm.

New Zealand Wool is used as a material during the mattress' assembly. Use of New Zealand Wool helps reduce nighttime sweat through regulation of body temperature.

Stays Clean

Clean sleeping environments always take precedence. The use of a bamboo cover here provides a crisp sleeping domain by eradicating the build-up of both sweat odor and dust mites.

Simple Maintenance

A zipper on the cover of the mattress allows for easy spot cleaning as well as the opportunity for a replacement if necessary.


Implementation of the 2-inch cooling gel allows the Swiss Ortho model to be temperature responsive.

Layers include:
  • 2-inches of memory cooling gel
  • 2-inches of high-density foam
  • 9-inches of comfort foam for added relaxation

Comfort Factors

Sensitive to pressure and temperature, the Swiss Ortho Mattress is highly adaptable. Memory foam in this model will serve as an aid in relieving pain and muscle sensitivity.

Durability and Cleanliness

This product will last you with its ten-year warranty. Those who suffer from allergies will admire the Swiss Ortho's well-ventilated, removable bamboo cover.

The multi-layered design of the Swiss Ortho model reduces pressure point pain, in addition to tossing and turning through contouring to the body.

Material and Assembly

For pressure-relieving sleep, the Dahlia model uses a plush upper layer with medium-level firm support.

Layers of this mattress include the following:
  • 2-inches of 4lb bamboo charcoal Visco memory foam at the top
  • 2-inches of 3lb 100% Visco memory foam layer
  • Bottom layer of 7-inch Polyurethane air-channeled support base foam
All of the above factors supply conformity and isolate motion.


Side, back, and stomach sleepers will love the Dahlia model. Dahlia's plush top layer provides firm support at medium level support with emphasis on spinal alignment.

Durability & Cleanliness

Bamboo charcoal-infused visco-memory foam fibers present in the Dahlia model serve as absorbent, and well-ventilated materials. Your body temperature will be well regulated with moisture being drawn in.

This Dahlia mattress contains a wedge edge-to-edge system that provides 20% more sleep surface, fights sagging and extends product shelf life. The limited warranty on this product is 20 years.

Dahlia is hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial, and eco-friendly with a CertiPUR-US certification. The slight foam odor present upon purchase is estimated to dissipate within two days.

Bamboo Charcoal Mattresses

The bamboo charcoal process involves taking bamboo plant pieces, harvesting those pieces after five years, and burning them in ovens between 800-1200 degrees. After this derivation process, a thin layer of bamboo charcoal is put into the mattress to elevate comfort and overall sleep quality.

Environmental Benefits of Bamboo Charcoal

This type of bamboo mattress has a positive effect on the environment in addition to their extreme levels of comfort. The use of bamboo charcoal reduces pollutant residue that a memory foam mattress may contain. Toxin absorbent qualities are additionally present in bamboo charcoal.


With seemingly unlimited options available in today's mattress market finding the right one for you can be extremely challenging.

Overall, bamboo mattresses serve as a more eco-friendly option with increased ergonomic features when compared to a standard memory foam mattress. The plethora of model specifications available will allow you to select a bamboo sleeping surface that is most fitting to your style of sleep.
I hope this guide helped show you what brands are worth considering.

And now I’d like to hear what you have to say:

Which Bamboo mattresses have you tried?

Which of these mattresses appeals to you most and why?

Let me know by leaving a quick comment below right now.